ClickHear 0.9

ClickHear™ is a new talking tool for the Internet
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ClickHear™ is a new talking tool for the Internet. With ClickHear, you can browse the web easily regardless of reading or visual difficulties! ClickHear is a toolbar that operates in a web browser. You start by downloading and then installing ClickHear on your computer. After installation, the ClickHear toolbar will appear at the top of the browser. Simply start reading at the top of the page or choose a section to begin reading. Navigate through the page with a click of the mouse. ClickHear reads not only general text on a web page, but also text fields, buttons, and even alt text for images. Customization options allow you to change the appearance of the text and contrast, directly zoom-in or out on the page with panning availability, and also choose the cursor and toolbar size. Three high quality Nuance voices are included.
- Enables text to be read aloud at the reading comfort of the user
- Choose from three high quality Nuance voices
- Variable text and highlighting color options
- Translates to several different languages: Spanish, French and German
- Configuration settings saved per user
- Click to hear any part of the web
- Play/Pause, Previous, and Next playback
- Set volume and speech rate to your needs

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